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Specialized in innovative software, Projektor group positions itself in the United Kingdom as well overseas, as the benchmark in IT services for business and individuals. Strengthened by strong innovative culture, the Projektor group manages several projects and clients in its platforms and websites. It enjoys a long-standing, emotional connection with its clients that it nurtures at every opportunity, both online and offline, to provide them with the best possible experience.

OUR VALUES Projektor group has built its identity on a set of fundamental values, the Group anchors its identity in client service, which is at the heart of its every concern. Transparency, we believe in an open and very clear software industry, our tools and supports provide businesses, with information vital to a better performance and quick clear replies to the industry challenges. Creativity, this is the heart of any industry and the key component to success. Passion, our team and foundations are based in passion for software, data management, security, and a high level of commitment to ensure a safe reliable response.


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With all the features of a full-service IT company, Projektor removes the headache and hassle of hiring an CTO. Let's you automate repetitive tasks and make informed decisions with advanced reporting and analytics. Focus on your core business, not IT. With our service, systems can be simplified which makes it easier to do more with less. — Get rid of the IT headache. Save time and money by automating repetitive tasks. Secure your data, stay compliant, and prevent disaster before it strikes. Gain a competitive edge by using reporting and analytics to make informed decisions. Prevent inefficiency with systems that are easy to put into place. Save money by not having to hire a CTO (Chief Technical Officer). Work with a virtual CTO for all your needs on demand, without putting any extra pressure on your budget or staff.



Email Automation, Landing Page, Google Sheets, Excel formulae and dev, CRM (Custom and Salesforce), Call automation and recording, Music Streaming / Distribution, Digital Signage, Reporting, Analytics, Big Data.


Business Process Re-engineering, DBA, Dev Ops, CRM Admin, Product Owner, Project Manager, Security consulting / maintenance, Designer, Developer, Campaign Manager, Marketing Assistant, Digital Marketing Specialist, Compliance Officer.


Payment Systems, SEO, Migration, Development, Website Setup, Upgrades, Troubleshooting, Analysis ( Data / Business Process) Linux Config / Optimization, Restoring / Recovery, API Dev/Config setup, Cloud technology, Networking.


VPN, LAMP, PHP 7.3+, Laravel, CodeIgniter, Yii2, Python, CakePHP, Javascript, Angular, JQuery, SQL ,Bash C++, Perl, PANDAS, GEOSPATIAL FRAMEWORKS, Google Analytics, Facebook, HTML.


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IBM - Thai Tax, Bangkok: Project to build a taxation system for the Thai Government, developing a system and APIs to connect all the systems and locations. Stakeholders included The World Bank, Thai Government and IBM CEO Lou Gerstner.

JP Morgan Guarantee Bank of New York, London: Development and QA for applications in London and New York, building self serve systems authorising transfers up to £22m.

HP Consulting, Sainsbury's Supermaket: Nationwide communication platform.

BP: Real time reporting systems for trading floors and company communications.

Baskin Robbins, Dunkin Donuts: Global system for mobile sales staff (250,000 seat company).

EGR Wealth, banking and investment.

Interest Me, banking and investment.

SECURITY Compliance

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Detection | Monitoring | Prevention

  • Our team can help protect and mitigate attacks towards your digital enterprise that can disrupt or cause financial damage to your digital systems, prevention and awareness is key to a better and safer web infrastructure.
  • sing the most modern tools and systems available on the market our team can test your infrastructure for vulnerabilities and build a comprehensive report to repair such vulnerable systems.
  • As a provider or web-services and web design we understand how important these infrastructures are for the modern small to medium size business or larger e-commerce oriented companies, protecting your clients information is vital for any modern web business.


  • Employee Training
  • Security Practices
  • Everyday Security Tools

Order a preliminary scan to your business website or IT infrastructure, see what, how and when to improve.


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Mark Hopgood - CTO Founder

Ricardo Vasques - Full Stack Developer | Director Founder

Michael Wilczewski - Senior Developer Founder

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Developed Projects

Web Application Software from, Projektor Digital, independent services for artists that want to engage and thrive for a better and more fair music industry.

Projektor Cloud is built upon a foundation of curated content by real people no algorithms and ethical, transparent corporate policy. The platform offers, web hosting services, corporate social media, servers, and cloud alternatives.

Tailored software for business and individuals, The company’s comprehensive portfolio includes digital communications, endpoint protection, Firewalls, Web Hosting, Web Development, VPN, and custom software development.

Web Hosting

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We serve a community of international clients. Our team as worked with Fortune 500 companies, some of the tech sector's biggest brands, and other industry leaders like you. We innovate by leveraging new technologies and building relationships with forward thinking people from coders to designers who will keep your business one step ahead of the competition for years to come. We provide a variety of security solutions for your business, from DDoS protection to Anti-Phishing and full range of cyber security services.

Enjoy the convenience of designing your own website, deploy a Wordpress website with ease.


From Wordpress to custom design websites or web solutions, our dev team deploys and secures your online presence, business or individuals.

No matter the project you need, our dev team can handle the fast paced evolution of your digital needs.



Click on Product name or service to order.

Product Description Price
BASIC 1 Sites, 100k visits, 2GB space. £60/Year
ENTREPRENEUR 2 Sites, 500K Visits, 5GB Space, free SSL Certificate. £75/Year
BUSINESS PRO 3 Sites, unlimited visits, 10GB space, free SSL certificate, firewall access. £120/Year
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Type Description Price
Server Configuration Installation, Linux, Unix or derivatives. £45/Hour
Firewall Specific firewall configuration, problem solution. £35/Hour
Apache & NGINX Installation, configuration and security. £45/Hour
API Configuration, development or repairs. £50/Hour
Web Design Design your service from the ground up, Client side and Server side. £55/Hour


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Projektor VPN | for businesses and individuals
Our VPN sends your internet traffic through an encrypted VPN tunnel, so your passwords and confidential data stay safe, even over public or untrusted Internet connections.


Keep your browsing history private. We do not log user activity or share data with third parties.

A VPN can protect journalists and activists. Breaking down the barriers of Internet censorship, allowing you to access any website or content.



Product Description Price
VPN BASIC Network Filtering: NO | Devices 2 £5/Monthly
VPN FAMILY Network Filtering: YES | Speed High | Devices 5 £10/Monthly
VPN Business Private Server and IP | Network Filtering: YES | Speed Ultra | 1 to 15 + devices £50/Monthly

Frequently asked questions:

Whats a VPN? A VPN is a piece of software that helps to make you more anonymous online, and encrypts your internet use.

Whats the Network Filter? Its a piece of software installed in our family VPN service, that protects your devices from malicious content and blocks adult websites or any websites you want to keep out from your devices, its a great way to protect your kids from unwanted content.

How many servers can I access using the VPN? For Personal or Family, you can choose between our US, Germany and Belgium servers, if your country is not available in the menu the team will set it up in 5 business days. For business VPN, choose your country.

How does it work? You only need to download a piece of software to your devices and add our encrypted access file, for mobile its easy as scanning a QR code, on a desktop computer or laptop its drag and drop the provided file to the software.

Can anyone track my browsing log? No, we have a no log policy, no one knows what you look at when you go online with the VPN.

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We are headquartered in the United Kingdom


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